Latest Projects

Here the latest projects we have been working on as well as the ones currently under alpha testing.

Gemini Cooking (alpha)

Our flagship project, Gemini Cooking, exemplifies our commitment to blending advanced AI technology with practical, user-friendly solutions. Generating cooking recipes with ingredients on hand on the fly tailored to user preferences.

Own The Pie (in progress)

Crowdfunding and marketplace platform for tokenized real estate properties. Mobile app will facilitate the acquisition, management and tracking of cash flow generating properties via overnight rentals.

Mutual (In progress)

AI-powered matchmaking project that will connect people based on who they are rather than how they look like. With a proprietary university grading system, Mutual Print, users will show the world who they are from the inside out without showing a face.


Enchantia Realms is dedicated to developing AI-powered applications that transform everyday experiences into something magical. Founded on the belief that technology can create enchanting and seamless interactions, we aim to bring a sense of wonder and innovation to every product we create.


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